The first step in selling is to give us a call on 01-5311155 or 042-9663688 and we can arrange a time and day to visit your property and give you a FREE market appraisal. We can answer any questions you have when we are there. However, we have provided some answers to frequently asked questions below to get you started.

How do I sell my property?

Once you have appointed an agent there are three ways to sell a property – by private treaty, tender or by auction. We will guide you on the best method most suited to your property. Which method is the best will depend on a number of factors including the type of property, the state of the property market, the location and availability of finance.

When should I contact my solicitor?

Straight away! The sooner your solicitor knows the better, they can have your deeds released from your mortgage lender if you haven’t already got them to hand. They can then check that there is nothing on the Deed that will impact on your ability to sell the property. Your solicitor will also need a list of documents and receipts for property tax from you. Having these prepared in advance of agreeing a sale can greatly speed up the process and lessen the chance of a sale falling through.

What is a BER Cert? and do I need one?

A Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificate is an indication of the energy performance of a home. A BER certificate is accompanied by an Advisory Report which identifies how you might improve the energy performance of your home. Further information is available at

Some properties are exempt but generally speaking, if your selling or renting a property you will need a BER Cert. There are a number of competent BER assessors in the area and we are happy to recommend one.

Do I need to employ an Engineer or Architect?

Although it may not be necessary, in some instances we may recommend the vendor if they have any concerns regarding the structure of their property, potential boundary issues or planning permission should employ an expert to ensure the property is fully saleable in its present condition. Most sales fall through because of issues an Engineer or Architect would have spotted before the property is offered for sale. If needed, getting their advice at the start could save you thousands.

Does preparing your house for sale really make a difference?

Yes, while you may be anxious to move on and don’t want to invest more money and time in your current property, it is always advisable to prepare your house for sale. Generally, this only means keeping the garden and house tidy and clutter free for viewings. New kitchens or bathrooms or major work is generally a no no. We will advise on what work, if any is best to help sell the home.

Should I leave the house during viewings?

We understand it may be inconvenient to leave a property especially if you have children, however buyers feel more comfortable when the owner is not there. It allows them to have an open discussion with the agent without fear of causing offence. Viewings generally take in the region of 20-30 minutes depending on the size of the property.

Will I have to pay tax?

If you are selling a house, which is not your principal private residence, then you must pay Capital Gains Tax on any capital gain. If the property is your main residence then you are not liable for Capital Gain Tax no matter what price you sell it for. Your solicitor will advise you as to the amount that you will have to pay to the Revenue Commissioners.

What costs am I as a seller liable for?

The two main costs of selling a house will be the auctioneer’s fees and the solicitor’s fees. These are generally paid when the sale closes. Marketing costs to the estate agent are generally paid in advance, these cover the agents costs to advertise, prepare brochures, signs etc.

How long will it take to close the sale once I have accepted an offer?

If you have all your paperwork in place once you have accepted an offer then it will take in the region of 4-8 weeks.

If I am not happy with my estate agent, what are my options?

After appointing an estate agent, they must provide you with a Property Services Regulatory Authority approved agreement. The terms of agreement will set out fees, asking prices and length of contract. You can generally terminate your agent’s agreement at any time, but check your agreement for termination terms.

If your complaint is of a serious nature then you will need to contact the PSRA. Every agent is licenced and bound by the regulations set out by the authority. If your agent hasn’t a licence you should not be using them.

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